This Fairfield Criminal Defense Lawyer Knows the System


Tim defends woman accused of murder in a "garbled" document.

San Francisco Bay Area Criminal Defense Attorney Tim Pori

San Francisco Bay Area Attorney Tim Pori has over a decade experience in representing people accused of crimes.

He has won acquittals in State and Federal court. He has helped his clients keep their driver's license in DMV proceedings.

Give yourself the best chance. Call Tim Pori at 707.427.2800.

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Criminal Defense Attorney in Solano County and the San Francisco Bay Area

Criminal Defense Attorney Tim Pori knows that being accused of a crime in the San Francisco Area is tough. Tim also knows how to help you.

You're getting pressure from your family, friends, and the authorities. You're being told to tell what you know, to tell your story. "Don't you want us to know your side," they ask?

Remember: the police and district attorney are not your friends. They are doing their job. They are collecting information to convict you.

Don't believe that answering a few of their questions will clear things up. Don't talk to them! (And, never lie to them!)

You Need a Criminal Defense Attorney To Protect Your Rights!

Criminal defense attorney Tim Pori uses technology to assist with your defense.
Tim Pori clients throughout
San Francisco Bay Area.
Offices in Fairfield, Solano County.

Defense attorney Tim Pori knows how the police, prosecutors, and courts work.

He represents clients accused of all types of crimes ranging from drunk driving to Federal felonies and murder. He is aggressive and effective.

Do the Smart Thing

Call a professional criminal defense attorney at your first opportunity. Call Tim at 707.427.2800.

Tim's office is on Texas Street in Fairfield.

For many charges — including Driving Under the Influence allegations — you have limited time to file a response to avoid penalties and damage to your life and reputation.

There are no Easy Answers, but there are Right Steps

Once the police have arrested you and charged you with a crime, you are facing the loss of your freedom.

A trial is not about the truth of the charges. It's about what the district attorney can show in the courtroom.

Let Tim fight for you.

He'll make sure that you have the benefit of every law that protects the rights of the accused. He'll watch for over-charging, for violations of process and procedures, and for tainted actions which could prejudice your case.

Tim Pori, San Francisco Bay Area criminal defense attorney, is available at 707.427.2800.