Serious Criminal Defense for Serious Crimes

Defense Attorney Tim Pori has experience in the entire spectrum of criminal defense including murder as well as serious and violent felonies including three strikes cases.

Tim has conducted over 50 jury trials in all types of cases including homicide, complex federal bank fraud, money laundering, tax evasion, burglary, armed robbery, sex cases, and drug cases including possession for sales and marijuana cultivation.

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Non-Judgmental, Effective Representation

Tim Pori is a dedicated and zealous advocate and will fight for you in negotiations and in trial.

He has a proven track record over the last 12 years and has obtained not guilty verdicts in a special circumstance felony murder case, robbery cases, attempted murder, and possession for sales cases.

A Tough, Prepared Lawyer on Your Side

Tim Port front of Court Building

Tim Pori has a reputation among tough prosecutors and judges in the San Francisco Bay Area as being a skilled negotiator and successful trial attorney.

What separates Tim from most attorneys is that he never undertakes any plea bargain negotiations until after he spends hours in pre-trial preparation.

For example, Tim will prepare and litigate pre-trial motions, if warranted, in most drug cases because an improper search of the car or property is a major defense.

In addition, Tim always conducts a complete investigation of the facts through the use of an experienced defense investigator and, when appropriate, retains defense experts who can prepare reports that will convince the prosecution of the weakness in its case.

Everyone Has Rights

Tim Pori chose to specialize in Criminal Defense because he passionately believes that everyone must be treated with respect.

An accusation that you committed a crime — even a serious crime — does not mean that police and prosecutors should trample your rights and dignity.

A prior conviction does not mean that the police can cut corners or that district attorney can assume that you’re responsible for additional crimes.

Tim Pori won’t let you be steam rolled by the system. He won’t let anyone assume you’re guilty, and he won’t recommend that you accept a plea bargain that isn’t fair.

Tim knows that too often police and the district attorney become blindly convinced of their own righteousness.

They will ignore facts that cast doubt on their case, and they become victims of their own story telling. The authorities try to convict you

Tim uses facts, negotiation, and persuasive arguments to get you a fair result from the judicial system.

A Smarter Defense is a Better Defense

Tim retains the most experienced and qualified investigators to investigate and prepare a defense based upon the type of case. This means he uses a different investigator for sex cases than he would use for a homicide or a white collar or federal money laundering or tax case.

He engages the most experienced and specialized experts for each case. His expert contacts include people knowledgable in sex cases, marijuana cultivation cases, white collar cases, forensic science experts including ballistics, forensic pathologists, and mental health experts.