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Tim Pori learned about the streets, police conduct, and the potential unfairness of the criminal justice system first hand as a young man. Tim may be white with blond hair and light eyes, but his youth was not a TV fantasy of a perfect child living in suburban isolation with a perfect sit-com family.

Growing up Tim learned the importance of having your rights protected.

He learned about respecting people no matter where they come from, no what they do, no matter what other people accused them of doing.

Tim’s street-wise passion for justice drove him to attend law school and to specialize in criminal defense.

Tim is both smart and dedicated. He is committed to providing the best defense for his clients.

Of course, Tim has top professional qualifications.

He is a criminal law specialist certified by the California State Bar Board of Legal Specialization. He has experience handling criminal defense in California state and Federal court.

See the the list of his traditional credentials below.

In addition to bullet-point qualifications, Tim’s excellence comes from his personal motivation: his clients and their cases are his passion. He likes being a lawyer, and that’s because he enjoys helping clients get the best possible outcome in the criminal justice system.

You want your attorney to care about you and his contribution to your case.

Qualifications by the Book

Bar Certified Specialist In:
Criminal Law

Criminal Defense Attorney Tim Pori in front of Law Books on Shelves

Admitted to Practice Law:

  • in all criminal courts in California

  • in the Federal District Courts of the Northern District of California

  • in the Federal District Courts of the Eastern District of California

  • in the Federal Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals

Professional Organizations:

  • Panel Member for The Criminal Justice Act for Federal Criminal Defense Attorneys in the Federal District Court of the Eastern District of California

  • Member of the National Association of Criminal Defense Attorneys, California Attorneys for Criminal Justice, the California Public Defenders Association, Bar Associations of San Francisco and Solano Counties.

Admitted to Practice Since:


Law School:

New College of CA School of Law

Undergraduate School:

University of California, Berkeley

A Great Record of Success

Tim has a proven track record over the last 12 years and has obtained Not Guilty verdicts in a special circumstance felony murder case, robbery cases, attempted murder, possession for sales cases, and drunk driving cases, to name a few. He’s won a client a mistrial on a murder charge and a manslaughter verdict for a client charged with murder.

He was able to convince the United States Attorney’s Office in San Francisco to dismiss an indictment in a federal assault weapons case after filing a motion to suppress the illegal search and seizure of the weapons from his client’s home.

Moreover, some of the best outcomes for Mr. Pori’s clients have been the result of getting the most reasonable plea bargains after thorough investigation and presentation of expert reports to the prosecution.

For example, Tim has:

  • had three serious sex cases dismissed after extensive investigation and negotiations with the prosecution.

  • had several possession for sales of marijuana cases reduced to misdemeanor possession of marijuana.

  • been able to negotiate probation in robbery and burglary cases even though the law requires prison in those cases unless”unusual circumstances exist.”

Criminal Defense Attorney With Client

Reducing Your Risk

Tim wants you to be comfortable with your attorney, and he offers a professional 30-minute consultation in his office for only $95. He invites you to call him for this low-risk introduction to his professionalism, his dedication, and his services.

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